Unseen 'Jurassic World' Concept Art Shows A Very Different Movie


Seth Engstram is a name you might not have heard before, but take it from us, he's responsible for the look and feel of some of your favorite movies. He's a concept artist who takes the script and the studio's vision for a film and translates it artistically into a production-ready visualization. He recently updated his blog with some new never-before-seen concept art for the monstrous hit 'Jurassic World.' Check it out below.

While many of the images look like they were directly translated onto the silver screen, there are a few that stand out unimagined. What looks like a tense rope bridge set-piece in front of a roaring volcano definitely didn't make it into the film (Although, in other early drafts of the park layout, there was a man-made volcano that I think this is actually taking place in front of). A few of the sketches show the now iconic, land traversal pods as a hanging ride being attacked by pteranodons. The most stunning unrealized piece depicts the Indominus Rex tearing the head off of an animatronic T-Rex encased in a fake waterfall setting.

Some of these cut scenes look very exciting, but you can tell for the most part what they were excised for in the film. Most have parallels to action beats that worked wonderfully, so all's well that ends well. Hopefully, we'll see some snippets of concept art leak for the upcoming 'Jurassic World 2,' so that we can start speculating on the mysterious plot summary they've given us.

Thanks to the very awesome Jurassic Outpost for the heads up.