New App Shows Shin Godzilla In Full Motion

About eight hours ago, a new smartphone app released in Japan promoting the new Toho film 'Godzilla: Resurgence.' In the app, you have to scan a QR code and then focus your camera on the poster of the film. Godzilla then comes crashing through the poster while audio from the trailer plays in the background. This gives us a really cool glimpse at his possible level of mobility in Resurgence itself, so it's definitely worth checking out.

I have never been the biggest advocate for this design. In fact, I can go on the record saying that I do not like it very much at all. Seeing the suit in the full film might end up changing my mind though, as long as he has the full range of movement seen in the app video above. Gone are the super stiff motions that we have seen thus far, and replacing them are some very Godzilla like movements in his upper torso. I still don't really like the snake mouth, but I think I could get over that in time.

We also seem to get a brief glimpse at his radioactive breath, and it looks like they may be returning to a white beam instead of the more traditional blue. This would be yet another reference to the 54' Gojira design, and I am completely on board for this minor change. Hopefully, we will keep getting more and more of these little glimpses at the design before the film releases in Japan on July 29th.