Tokyo Destroyed?!?! - Episode 29 Delayed And Changed!


Hello everyone! Today I bring some sad news, as it seems an unruly Mothra larva chewed on our audio cables and ruined the recently recorded episode of Tokyo Lives. Godzilla seems to be wrangling the insect but that means we are gonna have to change some things around.

He's trying his best!

He's trying his best!

We have figured out the technical issues that plagued our recording and instead of trying to retread the episode we just recorded we are going to push forward and just record the next episode of Tokyo Lives this week! Time for us to talk about 'Gamera 2: Attack of Legion'!


Sorry that we are changing things up like this but we really don't want to try to recapture the magic of that first recording and give you guys a subpar episode. Look forward to us talking about Godzilla and Mothra at a later date but for now it's time to check in on that crazy terrapin kaiju we all love. See you early next week!