Kaiju Incoming Contest!

KaijuIncomming Announcment.png

Hello fellow Kaijuologists! It’s me, your favorite internet best friend, Rob.


I need to ask you all a favor. See, it looks like the Tokyo Lives office is practically overrun with Kaiju and I need your help identifying them all so we can deal with them.

Here’s how this is going to play out. Starting this October I’m going to post a silhouette of one of the rampaging Kaiju on our Twitter page every Monday. The following Friday we will remove the silhouette and find out which brave kaijuologists were correct.

To show our appreciation for the help, the kaijuologists who correctly identify these kaiju will get a private message on Twitter to vote on one of three films for us to review during our upcoming FAN MONTH!!! (And, of course, a personal thanks from me on the cast)

What's Fan Month you ask? Well, we will be letting you all decide one of the movies we will be covering coming up in January! The other film will be decided on by our beloved patrons over at Our Patreon!