'Kong: Skull Island' - 4 New TV Spots Introduce Us to a Bunch of New Footage

Yesterday was a literal minefield of Giant monster news! Probably my most anticipated film of the year, 'Kong:Skull Island' got 4 30 second TV spots to really kick the marketing into high gear. These things are filled to the brim with new footage and include some of the good old universe building movies are so fond of these days. That's enough teasing! It's time to take a look and breakdown some of the cooler things seen in the Spots.

I love seeing the softer side of Kong at the beginning of this spot. Most of the footage in this one is repeat footage from the trailers but there are a couple of really cool stand out moments.

There seems to be a giant octopus that is attacking Kong which may be the film calling back to one of the more famous sequences in 'King Kong vs Godzilla' (more on that later).

Also the really beautiful shot of Kong standing in the afternoon sun is back and it is just as amazing as it was before.

The lines of dialogue at the end of this Spot are super interesting since it gives a couple of tiny plot details. It looks like Sam Jackson is out to kill Kong and Tom Hiddleston is out to save him. This could lead to some really awesome human drama in the film itself. It also appears that they try to capture Kong at some point.

Finally, Brie Larson doesn't look too good in this last shot. Maybe Kong saves her from the octopus? Onto to the next one!

Now this one made me freak out at the beginning! We all wondered how open they were going to be about this film being attached to 'Godzilla (2014)' and I think this one shows we are in for some nice treats. 

"The 1954 tests were not tests they were trying to kill something!" Man I hope we get to see the same footage of the bomb going off with Godzilla rising that we saw in 2014! It would be great if John Goodman had that footage and we briefly see Godzilla in 'Kong: Skull Island'. Even just a tiny second of him would get the general audiences riled up!

It really looks like Kong is going to be jumping around a lot when he fights and using the momentum to make his hits even stronger . This will come in hand when he comes up against the King of the Monsters in 2020.

The Skull Crawler have Yoshi tongues!? That's awesome!

And finally it's the big confrontation moment! 2 down 2 to go!

"We came here looking for a dragon." Wait did they come to Skull Island in search of Godzilla?! This line plus the little bit in the other Spot makes it seem like they were actually thinking Godzilla came and hid on Skull Island after the Nuclear tests. There's also an  awesome shot of Kong swinging a tree like a baseball bat and hitting the Skull Crawler in the face. Unfortunately there is not a high resolution enough version to get a good screenshot. Let's move onto the final one!

More of the same really but there are a couple stand out moments.

Looks like Kong is in trouble! He is definitely chained in this picture and the Skull Crawler is taking advantage of his enemies weakness. The humans seem to be firing at the Crawler so at least he seems to have a bit of help.

Well that's all of them! Did you enjoy them? Are you on the hype train along with me? Do you think little hints towards 'Godzilla (2014)' are going to be enough or do they need to show Godzilla in the film in some way?