Pushin’ ‘em for Summer Slam: Legendary Reveals The New Jaegers of 'Pacific Rim Uprising'!

Well ladies and gentleman, I’ve stopped squealing long enough to tell you all some wonderful news: Legendary has seen fit to finally show us the real stars of the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Three of them even! I thought for sure we’d only get one as a little teaser once we got closer to the release date, but luckily I’m always wrong! Even though it's only one picture of what looks like concept art, they all look like extras from Super Robot Wars and I, for one, am thrilled. Let’s get to speculatin’!

This one is clearly a direct upgrade of Gypsy Danger, the main hero mech of the first movie. She’s a little sleeker, a little less top heavy, and I think a little less cartoony than Gypsy 1 (anime-looking, sure, but not as cartoony).

This skinny jim looks to be the quick striker of the group. I’m hoping that fin on the back means some kind of booster for Gundam-esque darting around. Big Red seems to be an analogue of Striker Eureka, the scrappy little Australian mech with the chest missiles and knuckle blades, and my second favorite mech in the movie.


This one’s my favorite. Let’s call her Zarya. She looks like a big slugger in the same vein as Cherno Alpha, Russia’s hulking, concrete garbage can. What’s really intriguing is what looks like a second cockpit in her abdomen. I have no idea what exactly that could mean, but a four person Jaeger sounds rad. As much as I love a good punch, a grappling mech would be a fun change of pace. And Rob and I would have a field day with Wrestlemania references.

So there they are. After seeing the pictures of John Boyega on set I was excited, but with these three I’ve officially crossed over into Fully Hyped. I can’t wait to gush about new pictures and promos until Uprising smashes into theaters on February 28 next year.

Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Don’t feel anything? I’m sorry to hear that, let’s talk about it in the comments.