'Kong: Skull Island' - First Poster Revealed At Comi-con

Legendary and Warner Bros. Hall H Comic-con panel for everyone's favorite 100 ft tall Gorilla isn't until tomorrow but we have already gotten a pretty sweet teaser poster from the huge event. Posted on their official Facebook page, it gives a good first glimpse of the titular ape and reminds me of a certain other giant monster film's marketing. Check it out!

This poster is super cool and I'm really digging the whole green flare imagery in this Teaser poster. It brings back great memories of the original teaser poster for 'Godzilla (2014)' and is a good way to subtly link the two films via marketing.

As for the glimpse of Kong himself it is a little too hidden within the fog to get too many details but it definitely has some facial structure similarities to Peter Jackson's 'King Kong' design. None the less, Kong looks super awesome hidden in the mist and he's super huge!

Keep an eye on the site tomorrow as we will be keeping you all up to date as the panel is going on tomorrow afternoon.