'Godzilla: Resurgence' - Funimation To Distribute The Film In America!

A few days ago Toho announced that they would be offering distribution licenses across the globe for the new Godzilla film ('Godzilla: Resurgence'). I held off on writing an article about it specifically because I had a feeling we'd be getting an official announcement soon. That day came today and we now have a world famous company taking the reigns for the American release. Funimation will be handleing the Theatrical and Blu-Ray/DVD release in the good old USA!

Announced via their official twitter in preparation for San Diego Comic-Con (you'll be seeing quite a few big pieces of news this weekend I would bet), Fans were completely awestruck by the great news. After the New World Cinemas debacle there was a lot of doubt that we were going to get the film anytime soon. Now we know that the film is going to be coming to American theaters (no idea if it is going to be a wide release or a Fathom event) late 2016. While we may not have a specific date for the release or many details at this time, everyone in the fandom is super pumped!

Funimation is a super reputible company out of Texas that mostly releases anime but have dabbled with live action Japanese films before.  They have distributed the live action Ruroni Kenshin films and also the Attack on Titan movies. Funimation are pros at dubbing the stuff they release but it is still possible we will get a subbed version of Resurgence instead (I'm fine either way).

Keep an eye on our site as we will be updating you guys as soon as more is revealed throughout the weekend and beyond!