[Updated] Rumor Control: 'Godzilla: Resurgence' Story Details Leak?

UPDATE: So, the user who originally posted the story came clean on the Toho Kingdom forums and announced that it was made up. We've gotten a lot of flak for posting the rumor to begin with, but I personally love fake rumors like this one when it's obvious that someone put a lot of effort into it. The story they laid out was incredibly interesting and they went the extra mile to include details that sound like they would be plausible coming from the filmmakers involved and their previous works.

Kudos to the user JetJaguarPaunch, and I hope everyone arguing about this can just take a deep breath and enjoy these next few months when we truly don't know anything about Toho's new film and can get this excited about the many possibilities the movie has in store for us. What follows is the confession to making up the rumor posted a few minutes ago on the Toho Kingdom forums and our original article on the rumors.

"So, I think it's time to come clean on a few things. 

A few of you, a very select few, would know me best as Burkion from KaijuPhile/Rodans Roost. I've been a member of Godzilla communities online for most of my life at this point, since 2000. Maybe 1999. 

I have seen a lot of stuff in that time, a lot of rumors and 'leaks' and ideas and just total and complete bullshit across the board. I was contacted by a long time friend of mine, who you all should know as Monster Master, about a supposed 'leaked script' by our good friend LSD Jellyfish. I thought it sounded wrong from the get go, as did he, and we worked together on our own 'leaked script' designed to be maximally accurate to what LSD did, while also pushing the limit on what should have been believable. 

It has proven an overwhelming success, to my dismay, but it also drawn out some interesting things from LSD himself. I'm not saying his script is a lie, or that his sources are lying to him, I honestly Do Not Know myself -but he only brought up the existence of 'Yudas' after we did. That is incredibly suspicious. 

Once upon a time on KP, we had a magical event occur. It was late 2003, and one guy came on with spoilers for EVERYTHING in Final Wars. Absolutely everything. GINO, Minya, Monster X becoming Kaiser Ghidorah- every single thing he knew about. 

We called bullshit on it immediately and gave him utter Hell until the movie actually came out. 

But that was a once in a life time thing, and the moral of this story is- please do not believe everything you read. 

There are a lot of assholes out there who will post blatantly false information just for kicks and giggles. 

Like us."


Take the following information with a huge grain of salt, but we may have just gotten a lot of major story details about 'Godzilla: Resurgence' from a possible script leak. A user on the Toho Kingdom forums (JetJaguarPaunch) regaled everyone with an amazing breakdown of some major secrets in the film that Toho has been trying to desperately hide from audiences. This leak does seem extremely fishy, but there is so much here that makes sense with the information we have on 'Godzilla Resurgence' so far. Keep in mind that what follows is a verbatim transcript and could be considered getting into extreme SPOILER territory, so read at your own peril.

"Okay, after looking through this thread after hearing about it, I find this very interesting. I've also seen the script. LSDJ’s description is very close to what I've seen as well. Before I go, I want to make clear that what I have may not be the final script, and may not even be the same script as he has. I will not give up my source, reveal my true identity (no, I am not an active member on these forums or ever have been), nor will I get into a massive argument about how I got this script and why you should believe me. The movie comes out in a few months, we will see then.
So without further ado, POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD
First off, KAIJU A –
The script references this monster as very basic in design. I can not verify if what LSDJ said about its creation is true or not. However, from what I gather, the monster isn’t very spectacular. It seems to be a somewhat quadrupled design and a dark olive green in color. The script references it as having a “Arrow-Shaped” head, possibly like a snake’s. If what LSDJ said about its reasons of existence are true, I personally believe they could get away with recycling the GMK Baragon suit for the creature. Godzilla does fight it very early on just as his mutation is setting in. It is not a very long fight, but the monster is referenced as “Alphagon” in the script. I do not know if it is also referenced as such in LSDJ’s copy. During the fight, the monster manages to hit Godzilla’s jaw and something happens, either the jaw is dislocated or gets horribly maimed by its “mole-like forelimbs.” Godzilla is to then release a much different roar than what we’re used to, hinting that he is not in complete control of himself. At this point, Godzilla destroys “Alphagon” with his atomic ray.
Start opening credits which includes news reports on both old atomic bomb testings and the Fukushima disaster.
As LSDJ said, and as we have all seen, Godzilla is in a highly ravaged form. This is not a result of the Oxygen Destroyer from 1954 or anything of the sort. It is a parasite. The human characters are not aware of this until about half way through the film when, after a fierce battle with the self-defense forces (which utilizes napalm for the first time in the series excluding Megalon), Godzilla’s body slumps forward. His spines begin to separate and a large gash or cut appears down it. While it is described as a “man exiting a suit”, it also gives details on pieces of Godzilla’s flesh falling from it in the process and gives excessive details on Godzilla’s arms flattening out, as if all the bones and muscle are being pulled out of them. Godzilla is left as a skin as the new monster, called Judas, emerges.
This name also keeps in tradition with Anno taking inspiration from Judeo Christian mythology.
At this point, the monster is described as being humanoid with extremely lanky arms and legs. It is said to have a skull-like face. This immediately sounds like the monster Sachiel from Evangelion. It is also said to have large, bulbous red eyes and a pair of wasp-like wings. Its tongue is also long and tends to dangle from its mouth and is tipped with a pair of snapping jaws. Think Alien. The flesh is said to be black and “wet”. I imagine it’ll be a lot like a salamander or a frog’s skin.
At this point in the movie, Judas is standing within the remains of Godzilla and the self-defense forces have no idea what just happened. Judas flies into the air and one of the characters, which has had a due amount of time making it clear she is not religious, looks up and makes the statement “It looks like an angel.”
From a tonal standpoint, the movie completely shifts. The film starts to feel and act more like a traditional Godzilla versus a monster movie. Judas is now the focus and engages the military in much faster paced combat and dog battles over Japan. At the same time, Godzilla is regenerating. By the time he has recovered, most of the self-defense forces are gone and America is debating whether to deliver a nuclear strike to Judas (it plays a lot like a homage to the 1984 film, the first film Shinji Higuchi worked on for Toho), despite the Prime Minister’s objection. Godzilla returns to life and is on a warpath directly for Judas who is now in the heart of Tokyo. The Americans try a military blockade with several lines of tanks and ground-to-ground missile launchers. Unlike other movies where Godzilla stomps and blasts them, he now walks through the attacks not even paying attention. After numerous failed blockades, the commander simply orders “Everyone and everything, get out of his way.”
It should be noted that the script now calls for this Godzilla to “look more like the original”, so he won’t have the mangled look he had before. He is now black with his spines being bone white. From what it reads as, he seems to be a design cross of 1954 and the Heisei Godzilla.
When Godzilla reaches Judas in Tokyo, the new monster spots him and tries to run away. Keeping with what LSDJ has said about Godzilla using his tail more than his beam, he swats it out of the sky and breaks one of its wings. Judas falls and Godzilla begins a lengthy battle against it in which this Godzilla displays a much different fighting style, thanks to his long tail. Near the end of the fight, Godzilla begins to stomp the back of Judas’ head into the ground repeatedly. After several stomps, its entire body is stated to “disintegrate into a black mass of spider-like creatures.” This swarm of what I presume are babies (like how a spider can explode into a bunch of babies once hit) begin to swarm Godzilla and the surrounding area. Godzilla’s flesh begins to change like it did before, implying that whatever Judas did to Godzilla originally, it is doing it again.
The disintegrating Judas could be a reference to actual babies as a way to propagate itself or something like Destroyer breaking down into its smaller forms. We never see these before this scene happens.
At this point, the UNITED STATES decide to use a miniature nuclear weapon on Godzilla and Judas with or without Japan’s approval in order to secure the safety of the rest of the country and the world. The Japanese government only agrees with this if they’re allowed to rebuild their military power (also keeping with LSDJ’s sentiments of this being a key issue) so that they can take future matters into their own hands, monsters or otherwise. The strike hits Tokyo and seems to kill Godzilla and Judas, along with destroying all of Tokyo in the process.
At this point, just before the movie ends, one of the characters is seen with documents concerning Alphagon, Judas, and Godzilla. The character closes a blue and white folder which has an “M” marked in the corner. Hinting that it could take part in the same timeline as Legendary’s Godzilla.
I can't confirm nor deny if Judas is suppose to be suitmation or CGI. The same goes for Alphagon, but I will not be surprised if Alphagon is a modified GMK Baragon suit, also coming from a movie that Shinji Higuchi worked on, tying it together with the earlier Return of Godzilla allusions.
Take all of this as you will. I can not confirm if the script I have and translated is the final one or what, if anything has changed. If mine is an earlier, or later, iteration of LSDJ's, I wouldn't know. They are extremely similar however. We will just have to wait and find out until the movie comes in July."
I love this breakdown so much that I think I will be almost disappointed in the film if none of this is true. Godzilla's design oddities and how stiffly he moves make a lot more sense if the whole thing is a play on the creature himself being a meat suit for this new creature, "Judas." What really caught my eye, is that this seems like a Godzilla film that Hideaki Anno would make. This story (if true) would also kind of make the weird Godzilla Vs Evangelion marketing make more sense in retrospect, with "Judas" seemingly taking a lot of design elements from the "Angels" of the Evangelion series. I have wanted a new solo Godzilla outing for a very long time, but this movie's story and plot progression have eluded my senses for so long that I would be perfectly happy if this becomes a versus film in the last act. Also, this story possibly taking place in the Legendary Godzillaverse is intriguing, but I'm gonna bet that is just wishful thinking and the scene will probably be cut from the final film.

A little validity can be found for this leak if you look hard enough. The first revealed toy information from Resurgence actually listed two mysterious products called "Kaiju A" and "Kaiju B" respectively, as "coming soon." Could these two toys be "Alphagon" and "Judas?" Also, remember the potential leak during the production of this film that Godzilla would have "multiple forms" over the course of the movie? Toho came out and denied the rumor that he would be regenerating into a fully-fleshed Godzilla, but they technically never denied the multiple forms angle. Also, they seem to want to keep this incredibly secret, so wouldn't they just deny that anyway?

Maybe this leaked script is real... maybe it's not. Regardless, this makes me a lot more excited for the film itself, since it is quite possible that the trailers have only shown us a glimpse of what truly is going on in this reboot.