New 'Ghostbusters' Trailer Includes Callback To The Original Iconic Giant Monster

Looks like the most recent 'Ghostbusters' trailer just showed off the third act villain and it looks to be a somewhat familiar face. As you can see below, it looks like we may have a similar type of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-esque monster in the 2016 film. Now I'm not saying that Gozer the Gozerian is back to manifest giant-sized terror in this reboot of the popular franchise, but it looks like the new film may be borrowing a similar final fight for the climax of the movie. Check out the new trailer that was released over Twitter earlier today: 


And here's a closer look at Paul Feig's new monstrosity:

There actually are three Kaiju-sized ghosts that appear in the new trailer: one being a really tall humanoid ghost with stripped pants (he has appeared in the other trailers), then there are the parade balloon ghosts, and finally we have the aforementioned giant marshmallow man-ish ghost. This monster appears to have somehow taken the form of the ghost on the actual Ghostbusters logo. Fans of the original 1984 'Ghostbusters' will remember that the original Stay Puft was actually just the Sumerian god Gozer using Ray's memories from his childhood ("WHAT DID YOU DO RAY!") to create a physical form in our world. Maybe the movie is doing something similar with whatever villainous specter causing all the trouble this time.

Now the 2016 film and the 1984 film definitely do not fit into the category of giant monster films (more like a movie with giant monster scenes in them) so neither movie really qualifies for full coverage on our site. However, the iconography of Stay Puft marching down the New York city streets is one of the more famous giant monster moments in cinema history. I'm really not super excited for this reboot, but the effects work do look top notch and I am pumped to see some major destruction of the city from the new ghosts. Hopefully, the movie as a whole doesn't fall apart under the weight of the super passionate 'Ghostbusters' fans and their issues with director Paul Feig's very different approach to the universe.

Are you excited for the new movie? What are your theories about the new Stay Puft-ish ghost?