Is The Old "Kongfrontation" Animatronic Being Used For The New "Skull Island: Reign Of Kong" Ride?


Universal Studios has released a new video hosted by Universal Creative's Mike West focusing on the titular ride's main attraction: King Kong. According to the video and various sources, "Skull Island: Reign of Kong" will take riders through the jungles of the fantastical location in a revolutionary trackless vehicle. Using a mixture of 3D CGI on massive screens and live action animatronics, Skull Island will come alive in a similar fashion to the other park's latest attractions, concluding with an up close encounter with a three story high King Kong. Check out the video below and see a teaser image released by Universal of the King himself.

Many fans are already chiming in about the fact that this reveal of Kong shows more than just impressive technology. It appears that while this version of the "Eighth Wonder of the World" does not immediately resemble Peter Jackson's 2005 design, besides a basic color palette and similar scars, it looks more like the 76' Kong featured in the classic Universal Studios ride "Kongfrontation." This has lead many to believe that at least the robotics and skeleton of the iconic creature have been preserved and possibly improved upon for this new iteration.

Personally, as someone who has previously spoken about how influential the old ride was to my love of giant monsters, this, more than anything else, has made the upcoming attraction a must visit for me. Just to say hello to the big guy again.

While no official date has been confirmed, the ride is preparing for technical rehearsals to begin soon and should open sometime during the summer.