'Kong: Skull Island' - New York Comic Con Poster Reveals Mysterious Messages

New York Comic Con is in full swing this weekend and while we may have gotten a 'Power Rangers' trailer, most of the giant monster world has been relatively silent. Until some people at the convention ended up receiving a mysterious poster tube with the Monarch logo on the side from some Warner Bros. employees. Monarch is of course the Government group that tracks down Megafauna like Godzilla or Kong that were introduced in 'Godzilla (2014)'. Inside of the white poster tube is a 'Kong: Skull Island' poster that seems to be a very basic teaser image showing the island from above with a little bit of writing from Monarch down near the bottom. Upon further investiagtion however of the poster conatins some awesome teasers for the shared universe with Godzilla.

Here is another look:

The images are of course taken by cell phone by friends of Scified.com and while not the greatest quality they show a really interesting image that I would love to plaster up on my wall. At the the bottom left there is a small little bit of text saying the following:

His mouth is fire; his roar the floodwater; his breath is death.
Enlil made him guardian of the Cedar Forest,
To frighten off the mortal who would venture there

Obviously this is kind of a refernce to both Kong and Godzilla at the same time and the mythological entity Enlil is part of Summerian mythology. Now this little piece of text as well as the huge connection to 'Godzilla (2014)' through the use of Monarch would be interesting on their own but upon further investigation of the poster (using a blacklight) more text was revealed.

Hypervore is definitely an interesting terminology to be using but I assume this is talking about some other creature since Kong is referred to by a different name on another part of the poster. The Boneyard is most likely the area in the first trailer where a lot of the action beats seem to be taking place.

As you can see it looks like Kong is going to labeled the Apex Primate by Monarch. This is cool since Godzilla is labeled the Alpha Predator (Apex Primate vs Alpha Predator is a cool marketing phrase). Also the biggest other reveal here comes in the form of a very specific phrase used: Adolescent Superspecies.  This phrase basically reveals how Kong will stand up to Godzilla once we get to the Godzilla vs Kong film as it suggests that Kong (or one of the Kongs if you believe there are 2 in this film) is not fully grown. This has been a big discussion amongst fans since Kong is supposed to be topping out at a height of 100 feet when Godzillais standing around 350 feet tall and people were wondering how they were going to have Kong fight the much larger creature. Obviously now it seems that will grow between 1973 and 2020 and get closer to Godzilla's height.

In the upper right hand corner there appears to be hidden behind yet another Monarch logo. It is kingd of hard to see on first glance but if you look hard enough you can definitely see a spine and some ribs. Someone at Toho Kingdom sharpened up the image.

Yeah that's definitely a snake of some kind.

Towards the center of the poster there appears to be some sort of giant Mosasaur skull. I wonder, do these two giant skeletons reveal that Kong will be fighting other Megafauna? Maybe we can get some cool references to other Toho monsters in this film to flesh out the Legendary universe. A man can dream!

The last little bit of information is justsome textfrom what appears to be an "official" Monarch document talking about the search for Kong.

Well what do you all think of this cool little ARG that Legendary/Warner Bros. set up? Did this help build up more hype for the film?