'Power Rangers' - New Trailer And Posters Show It May Very Well Be Morphin' Time

I gotta say I didn’t think much of all this 'Power Rangers' dark-and-gritty-and-none-too-witty reboot business. I mean, only an article ago I was making fun of the baffling “zords” we were treated to on the first official posters. But New York Comic Con brought us our first teaser trailer.

It’s not bad! I even switched my Mighty Morphin’ Mood Board from “Purest Apathy” to “Cautious Optimism”. Let’s get into this, shall we?

The first thing we see is the gloomy, blue color that should surprise no one. It’s a standard feature on dark reboots after all. We are briefly (in Zach’s case, very briefly) introduced to the cast. Angel Grove is now a sort of school for delinquents rather than being the whole town (they’re teens with attitude. Get it?) Jason is the strong willed leader-ish figure, Billy the lovable nerd, Kim, a former popular girl entering a rebellious stage. Zach and Trini we barely see. Trini at least has some lines, but we don’t really know much about their characters yet. They stumble across some alien tech in the desert, Billy rigs up a demolition charge (???!!?!?) and everybody gets a pretty translucent disc, which I assume are the power coins.

The next day the all wake up with super powers. Jason breaks his sink and Billy no-sells a headbut from a bully which as a long time Billy fan, is just beautiful to see. They go back to the desert and jump over a canyon. It’s my favorite scene in the trailer, and a nice callback to the countless shots of power rangers leaping from the ground to the top of their zords. The rest of the trailer is just a bunch of images and we get a teaser of them morphing for the first time. That’s it, nothing else of interest, show's over, go home.

Oh, well, we do get what I think is a good sign that I was right about Elizabeth Banks as Rita. She has a nice menacing feeling about her, and apparently she can just show up, in your room, while your sleeping.

So the good news is the trailer looks pretty good. I’d say there’s enough reason to believe the movie might be not terrible. But there’s a little bit of bad news. Lionsgate released a new series of posters with the actors, displayed in their colors, in front of lightening bolts. That’s cool and all, but the tweeted an image of Trini’s poster with a caption saying “Driver’s ed not required,” in reference to the characters age. I’m sure it was just an oversight, but some fans have gotten upset over the caption, it being a little distasteful considering the original Trini, Thuy Trang, was killed in a car accident in 2001. Maybe do a little research next time team. The posters are solid though.

The more interesting posters come from New York Comic Con as well and include a super detailed look at the individual Ranger suits. The coolest thing to note is the glowy dinosaur heads inside of the power coins on their waists.  


Well, I’ve been hurt before in remakes (lookin’ at you, Michael Bay), but I might be getting a little hyped for this.  Power Rangers are a big piece of nostalgia for a lot of people, and the world could always use more color-coded heroes.

Excited? Enraged? Feeling left out because you were a Beetleborg kid? Leave some comments, let's talk about these feelings.

(Editors note: Sorry it took so long for this article to be put up onto the site. Life kept intervening)