On The Fringe - Reign of Fire


This week on Tokyo Lives, the crew heads across the sea to the UK where it seems dragons have burned everything to ash. Time to team with Christian Bale and a very grunty Matthew McConaughey to try to take them down!


Godzilla’s birthday suit! (1:42)
They made a replica of the 54 Goji suit!? Awesome!

‘Godzilla: Planet Eater’ reviews are trickling in (3:20)
And it’s good? Well let’s hope we feel the same in January or February…

Sequels: Meg 2 and D-Wars 2 (5:39)
Nobody on the cast wanted either of these but they are happening!

Gridman Anime is very good! (9:50)
Rob says it’s super good and I can’t wait to talk about it some day.

Godzilla Vs Kong casting (12:29)
Alexander Skarsgard joins the cast of ‘Apex’!

Godzilla: Aftershock comic details! (13:12)
Legendary had a big panel at LA Comic Con and announced their prequel comic to King of the Monsters!

Reign of Fire Discussion! (24:12)
Dragons, fire, and…Star Wars references? Huh didn’t expect that last one


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