Episode 51 - Godzilla: Final Wars


Deep in the bowls of Antarctica a force more powerful than any the Tokyo Lives Crew has ever faced slumbers. In a desperate bid to celebrate 50 episodes the team must awaken the terror of GODZILLA: FINAL WARS!


A New Trailer Approaches! (1:59)
The third and, let me check my notes here, final episode of the Godzilla Anime has a trailer! Will Long Boi manage to best Roshi-zilla?! We can’t wait to find out

“Godzilla Vs Kong Stuff”! (9:53)
Oh hey, look at this smorgasbord of Apex news! Come to Australia to see extremely dangerous animals duke it out for superiority. Oh also Godzilla and Kong are here.

Second star to the left, straight on til Godzilla (20:10)
If you ever feel alone in this crazy big world, just know that when you look up in the sky, Godzilla’s always watching over you (thanks to NASA)

Honestly I don’t have a bit for this one, it’s just a really sweet story. (21:55)
Sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back and enjoy people being kind to each other.

New iTunes Review! (23:50)
The good feels keep on a rolling! Thanks for the really genuinely nice comment name I can’t type. Cameron and I will be getting a friendship necklace that says “Playful Bois” really soon.

The Tokies! (25:45)
Whoa! The Votes are in! Hot Off the Twitter Presses! Tune in to see who Won on the first ever Tokie Awards!

Godzilla: Final Wars Discussion! (35:55)
This is it! Operation Final War is a go! Wait, what’s that? There are lots of wars after this? Well, whatever, that’s not important! Let’s strap into the Atragon and- wait what? Gotango? Anyway, let’s jam!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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