Episode 52 - Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla


When a black mountain appears above the clouds, a monster will arrive and try to destroy the world… when the red moon sets, and the sun rises in the West, two monsters will appear to save the people. The Tokyo Lives crew help Godzilla and King Caesar fight the mechanical menace known only as Mechagodzilla!


Godzilla at the Comic Con experience in Brazil (2:49)
Legendary is gonna have a big presence at the convention so keep your eyes peeled. (NOTE: This was recorded before we knew bout the Tokyo Comic Con Appearance in just a few days)

The new G’54 suit is being used for a short film! (5:03)
This is some very cool news for old school Tokusatsu fans!

Pacific Rim Anime!? (5:50)
An announcement that came out of nowhere!

Godzilla Vs Gryphon aka Godzilla ‘94 comic! (10:36)
Kaijuphile is releasing the whole comic online and it all started on Thanksgiving.

Godzilla Vs Kong smorgasborg of news! (13:02)
So much news! Including a synopsis for the upcoming film!

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is finished! (20:55)
Post production is done! the movie is ready for release!

A very sweet iTunes review (23:04)
Thanks BBQNerd!

Godzilla: Final Wars Discussion! (28:03)
Mechagodzilla is wreaking havok! How can Godzilla possibly stop him!?


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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