'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' - Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah Revealed!

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Well this was certainly an eventful evening. The big ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ panel just happened at Tokyo Comic Con and we got way more stuff than we ever could have imagined. Check out all of the images!


First up we got a look at the new S.H. Monsterarts figure for the 2019 Godzilla design and you can really spot all the differences! His tail is rounded at the tip and his spines are now heavily inspired by the G’54 spikes.


Next they showed us some concept art of Mothra.

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Wow look at the colored callback to the original design! The red dots on her wings were described as an evolutionary advantage, they are meant to camouflage her and look like Goji’s eyes. Very cool stuff!

Next up is a good look at an early concept design of Rodan! They got rid of the feathers in the final design that we’ll see in a second but man is he a beaut.

Screenshot_2018-11-30 (1) Twitter.png

The cover image and this were the only things shown of Ghidorah so I really thought they were gonna hide his design till the release but these weren’t all the goodies the night had in store for us. S.H. Monsterarts got permission to show off their toys based on the designs for the movie so strap in folks!


Here he is folks and he looks better than my wildest dreams could have imagined him. He looks so demonic and threatening truly the devil has three heads.


A very interesting detail that someone on twitter pointed out is the back of Ghidorah looks alot like this really famous artist rendition of Satan as described in Dante’s Inferno.

Screenshot_2018-11-30 Erik Mathews on Twitter(1).png
Screenshot_2018-11-30 Erik Mathews on Twitter.png

Next up we got a look at the Mothra figure.

Screenshot_2018-11-30 Takoda on Instagram “Love - - - #godzilla #ultraman #Gamera #kingkong #neongenesisevangelion #kaiju #[...].png
Screenshot_2018-11-30 Takoda on Instagram “Mothra - - - #godzilla #ultraman #Gamera #kingkong #neongenesisevangelion #kaiju[...].png

I’m not a huge fan of this new design in toy form but the concept art from earlier was amazing so I’m going to have to reserve my final judgement until we see this design in motion. The final of the big 4 is very impressive.


I’m gonna say it, I think this is my favorite Rodan design of all time! I love the magma texture on the wings! His armored plate like design is so freaking cool. So There were a few more things that got shown. Just like in 2014, Legendary commissioned a 3 meter tall statue of the king. and this thing really shows off the majesty of 2019 Godzilla.


One of the coolest things to note here (other than the better look at his new dorsal spike design) is that they seem to have adjusted his feet design a bit, giving him actual spread out toes unlike the 2014 elephantine feet. Last but not least we also got a quick tease of the updated Godzilla theme.

Bear McCreary really knocked it out of the park! Also the Mothra theme is supposed to be in the film as well! Finally they showed a quick teaser of the full trailer that we are getting NEXT WEEK! Mark your calendars folks!

What do you think of all the big reveals from Tokyo Comic Con?

Special shout out to Gormaru island for wrangling up most of the images you see here!