Episode 26: Godzilla - Half Century War

Hope you've got 50 years to spare because it's time to look at one man's journey with Godzilla. Join us as we deep dive into the fan favorite Godzilla comic written and drawn by James Stokoe!


Death in the family: Haruo Nakajima (0:00):

We give a quick in memorium talk about the original suit actor for Godzilla and discuss what he meant to the community. We follow this with a 30 second moment of silence to honor the man who meant so much to the Godzilla community and fandom.

Episode start (10:34):

In case you want to skim forward to the episode proper.

Pacific Rim 2 Release date change! (12:12):

The movie gets pushed back a whole month and may cause it to run into some stiff competititon.

City Shrouded in Shadows - New Monsters announced! (21:45):

We discuss the 4 new creatures announced for the game and how Cameron was right all along! check out Gormaru Island's facebook page for all of the cool new images from the game.

We have a Patreon! (26:19):

We set up a patreon to help us keep the site up and running. There are several reward tiers available for you guys. Any and all help is appreciated! Check it out here!

Half Century war Discussion (32:18)

Time to discuss the amazing Godzilla comic that made it's way onto the top selling comic charts up there with Marvel and DC.


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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