Episode 25: D-War

It is said that every 500 years a movie is sent to this realm in order to reward a Podcast that is pure of heart. Once the movie is 10 years old it shall be consumed by that Podcast in order for it to gain new strength!


Pacific Rim 2 Jaegers Revealed! (1:58):

Exciting new images of the Jaegers have appeared! We love the lean towards a more anime vibe, but what will the Kaiju look like in this new movie?

Comic-Con Kong Skull Island Experience! (9:55):

Guests of this year's Comic-con got a chance to wander through the jungles of Skull Island all from the comfort of San Diego!

Adam Wingard talks Collaboration! (13:01):

Adam, the director of Legendary's Kong vs Godzilla movie, talks a bit about his mentality going into this project.

A New Collectible Company Takes on the Monsterverse! (15:59):

So the obvious good news here is highly detailed Monsterverse statues. But the real question is where are my Elias Sisters statues!?

MOTHRA! (17:18):

Of course we were going to talk about this! The stone carving for Mothra has been revealed, and we love it!

TOHO's Next Godzilla is happening WHEN?! (23:07):

I guess hindsight is 2020, and so is the next Godzilla movie. Due the the contract with Legendary, TOHO will be holding off on another live action Godzilla movie. Is this Good News or Bad News? Let us decide for you!

City Shrouded in Shadows continues to make us love it! (28:22):

DLC news and some new Shadows are teased! Can Cameron suss out the truth of this mysterious silhouette?! Also, check out friend of the cast Gormaru Island's Facebook page!

D-War Discussion (32:22)

This is it! It's finally here! The Prophecy foretold of this moment! Dragons, Helicopters, Poor Editing choices! It's all as they said it would be! Join us as we dive deep into the realm of Dragon Wars!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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