X-Plus Toys Introduces First Entry In "Super Sentai Robo" Line

August Ragone has dropped a bombshell of news concerning a certain giant Megazord and a new series of toys being released in Japan. Check out the details (quoted from his blog) and more pictures below.

Best known for their large-scale, highly detailed and photo-realistic vinyl kaiju figures from a myriad of Japanese monster movies, Osaka-based X-Plus Toys, has just announced a departure from their usual suspects of Godzilla kith & kin as a part of their "Gigantic Series" run of 40cm (15-3/4") pieces. The inaugural entry in their "Super Sentai Robo" line drops this coming summer from Shonen Ric:

"Daizyujin" from "Dinosaur Task Force: Zyuranger" (1992) — perhaps better known to fans outside of Japan as the "Dino Megazord" seen in the US adaptation, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"! Now, for the first time, famous giant robots from Toei's long-running Super Sentai series are to be issued as large, vinyl display pieces — not in hard plastic nor diecast metal.

While the figure itself has limited moving parts and poseability, the head, shoulders, and wrists can be moved. The bonus here are the major weapons, such as the  "Kyoryuken" sword and the "Mammoth Sheild", two sets of fists (one to hold the respective weapons), and a stand for the shield. Of course, the great appeal of this piece is its sheer size and incredible detail.

"Daizyujin" is now scheduled for release this coming July and is listed to retail for ¥24800 ($227.30 USD). Stay tuned for the future entries in this exciting new line-up from X-Plus in conjunction with Plex — I'm hoping for the giant robots from "Bioman" and "Sun Vulcan"!