'Godzilla: King of the Monsters" Final Look Trailer and Breakdown


Well I’m kind of surprised we got one more trailer for this movie since it releases literally a week from today but here we are. Keep in mind that this trailer does contain some footage that some would consider spoiler territory. Consider yourselves warned! If you don’t care about a super minor spoiler that we’ve known about since the toys released and Trailer 2 happened…well then you have come to the right place!

First thing to notice (and most G-fans have already jumped on the hate train) is the song choice of ‘Mama said knock you out’. I may be crazy but I think this is a reference way back to the year of 1996 when Godzilla won the Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV.

Anyway enough about the music let’s breakdown the few new shots we got in this trailer.

1 - Rodan Mothra fight.png

First up we have another brief glimpse of the Rodan and Mothra battle. Not sure what that big flash is…

2 - Goji and Seri.png

I don’t think this shot is new but this is a really nice moment between Goji and Serizawa.

3 - Motha web 1.png
4 - Motha web 2.png
5 - Mothra Web 3.png

Looks like adult Mothra has a new ability! Or should I say a carried over ability from her previous form? Mothra used String Shot!

6 - Ghidorah being scary as F.png

Okay so I accidentally stumbled upon this terrifying shot of Ghidorah chasing after and destroying this vehicle. Jesus the Ghidorah in this movie just might give some people nightmares.

7 - Ghidorah flight.png

Ok so we’ve definitely seen this shot in a different trailer but we get to see what happens right after this.

8 - Goji protec 1.png
9 - Goji protec 2.png

Godzilla is a such a good boy in this movie. He protec but he also attac.

Now the next photos are the ones some would consider spoiler territory!



Be warned!!



You still here?



Ok but don’t say I didn’t warn you!



10 - Fire Goji.png

This is the clearest look we have gotten of our MonsterVerse version of Burning Godzilla (who we have learned is called Fire Godzilla officially). I love that every crease and fold of Goji’s skin is glowing red like lava. Also look at those glowing red eyes!

11 - Fire Goji spikes.png

Looks like Fire Godzilla has lightning jumping between his spines! This is legitimately something that I have always wanted to see on a Godzilla design!

12 - Mothra bitch slap.png

Look at that size difference! Right after this screenshot Mothra actually bitch slaps Rodan with her new claw like appendages. This Mothra can scrap!

13 - Goji's fall.png

Finally we have 100% confirmation that the object falling from the sky is Godzilla. How in the heck will Kong stand a chance against a creature that can survive an orbital drop? I guess we’ll find out next year!

What did you guys all think about the Final Look at Godzilla: King of the Monsters? Have you bought your tickets yet?