'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' TV Spots "Ghidorah", "Monster," and "Balance" - Highest Quality and Breakdowns

Ghidorah 6 - Goji blast ghidorah.png

Another day, another bunch of TV Spots. This time there isn’t a ton of new footage but the stuff here is amazing and one of them just might give us a better clue on some story elements for the human characters. Check them all out!

Alright so as per usual I’m gonna breakdown the new stuff that we got from these 30 second trailers. Let’s star off with the one titled Ghidorah.

Ghidorah 2 - Tangled 2.png

Godzilla and Ghidorah are all sorts of tangled up during this quick glimpse of one of their fights. These are the battle scenes I am most excited for since it looks like they are going to pull off some choreography that people in suits are unable to do. I do want to address the gonorrhea joke really quick. Is it dumb? Yes. Is it going to ruin the movie? No.

Ghidorah 3 - Goji roar.png

Godzilla roaring in the antarctic. I think this might be right as the first Godzilla Vs Ghidorah fight begins in the Antarctic.

Ghidorah 4 - Rodan Mothra fight.png

Rodan and Mothra having a dogfight. This shot was actually in trailer two but with Rodan removed. Sneaky sneaky.

Ghidorah 5 - fire goji foot.png

Okay so it seems like they really aren’t trying to hide Burning/Fire Godzilla any more. We have no context for why Godzilla gets powered up in this movie but between this shot, the brief glimpse in trailer two, and the final shot of the IMAX preview in front of ‘Shazam!’we know it’s going to happen.

Ghidorah 6 - Goji blast ghidorah.png

By far the best scene to come out of all three of the TV Spots we got today. Man Godzilla’s breath really does seem like it’s gotten one hell of an upgrade. I love it!

Onward onto “Monster”:

Monster 1 - Millie Vera.png

Starts off with another part of Vera’s speech. Millie Bobby Brown’s character Madison does not seem to agree with what s being said.

Monster 2 - This isn't the way.png

“This isn’t the way! You said you were gonna be careful, that you’d restore balance.” Madison is yelling at her mom. This leads me to believe that Vera’s character may have tricked Madison into going along with waking up all of the Titans. Madison probably realized how stupid of an idea this was after Ghidorah has been awakened and is on the way to destroying the world.

Monster 3 - Restore balance.png

Nice shot of Charles Dance looking smug and evil. Vera working for or with him?

Monster 4 - Nom nom nom.png

Pulled straight from the IMAX sneak peek. Rodan is really channeling his inner Giant Claw in this shot.

Not much in the TV spot “Balance” but let’s take a quick look anyway:

Balance 1 - Rodan.png

Rodan comes out of his barrel roll. I just screenshot this because he looks awesome.

Balance 2 - Ghidorah missing a head.png

Brief new glimpse of Ghidorah which I really didn’t think anything of at first. Then I noticed that Ghidorah is missing his left head!

Balance 3 - Mothra breakout.png

Finally we get a quick shot that definitely takes place during whatever the Mothra Larva shot in the last TV spot was. Note the red lighting.

Well that’s it for these new spots! What did you think about them?