'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Final Trailer Breakdown

Goji ghidorah fight.jpg

The final trailer for ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters released this morning and is now the number 1 trending topic on twitter. So I might as well do my patented breakdown of the third and final theatrical trailer. Check it out!

I’m going to skip over a few of the things we have seen in other trailers but for the most part I’ll be going scene by scene and talking about this beautiful trailer. First thing to mention is the use of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” again. Very good choice and once again the music really sets the tone of the trailer.

1 - Mothra finished CG.png

First up is a shot that has been used in almost every single trailer and TV spot. The thing to notice this time is that this definitely seems like finished and polished CGI. Lots more details in the wings now.

2 - Mothra breath.png

Mothra breathes out onto Madison in what will probably be a pretty adorable scene early in the movie.

3 - Happy Family.png

I say this is early because look how happy this family is. Things don’t seem to be sunshine and rainbows between these two later according to some of the other footage we have seen.

4- god rays finished CG.png

Another shot from a previous trailer but with the polished CG. Mothra is using her “god rays” at Kyle Chandler’s character. Wonder why…

5 - Rodan Wakes Up.png

Rodan opens his eye as he awakens inside his volcanic home.

6.1 - Ghidorah Awakens.png
6.2 - Ghidorah Bidbidbidi.png

Ghidroah awakens! You can definitely hear the bidibidibidi in this shot as well as it looking absolutely fantastic.

7 - Ghidorah charge finished CG.png

King Ghidorah charges up his gravity beams and is about to rain hell on the soldiers down below as seen in the IMAX special preview clip.

8 - Ghidorah Volcano top finished CG.png
9 - Ghidorah volcano now with more lightning.png

This is still by far the most visually stunning sequence we have seen thus far. They definitely touched up the CG a bit here as well and added a bit more lightning to when he’s standing on the top of the volcano.

10 - Ghidorah Death Glare.png

When Ghidorah stares at you like this you know you are in trouble.

This is definitely Mike Dougherty dropping one of those Toho easter eggs. Godzilla always does interesting things to water whenever he pops out no matter the era. Toho era was a lot of bubbles. Legendary opted for a whirlpool. I love it!

13 - Volcano Errupts.png

Very realistic looking volcanic eruption as Rodan is awakened.

14 - Rodan steps out of his prison.png

Rodan stepping out from his lair for the first time in millenia.

15 - I pity that city.png

Man I really pity all the people who live in the city down below. Love the lava trails coming off of Rodan.

16 - People flying.png

This is some primo boots on the ground action. The people flying up in the up draft of Rodan passing above is a very cool and terrifying effect.

17 - Hang on kid.png

This poor kid doesn’t look like he’s gonna make it. I love how even in the cut up trailer, the kid almost dying pulls off some emotional heft.

18 - Volcano steps.png

Serizawa walks up the steps in Goji’s temple.

19 - Serizawa setting up the bomb.png

Serizawa is probably setting up the bomb we saw explode all the way back in the first trailer. Not sure he’s gonna make it out of this movie alive.

20 - Serizawa walking towards Goji.png
21 - Serizawa having a moment with Goji.png

Yeah that looks like a very sad Serizawa sacrificing himself to help a weakened or sleeping Godzilla. Gonna be a very emotion filled sequence.

22 - Practical Goji skin.png

Here’s that practical effect skin that Mike Dougherty confirmed a little while ago.

23 - Goji Eye.png

Man the close up CG effects sure are top notch.

24 - Super X firing missiles.png

Looks like the Super X bomber thing is joining in the fight with Godzilla and the jets against Ghidorah.

26 - Cracking Ghidorah's Ice.png

The ice prison of of Ghidorah cracks open.

27 - Ghidorah taking Goji on a magical flight.png

Looks like Ghidorah will be taking Godzilla on a magical flight at some point in this film. Wait didn’t we see something back in the other trailer where it looked like Godzilla was falling from a great height?

28.1 - Ghidorah Goji fight 1.png
28.3 - Ghidorah Goji fight 3.png
28.4 - Ghidorah Goji fight 4.png

Can we talk about the greatness that is trailers matching the music with the footage? Cause this is a perfect example of this editing technique. Also in almost every shot we see of the fight between Godzilla and Ghidorah it looks like Ghidorah has the upper hand. Not going to be an easy win for old Godzilla.

29 - Ghidorah tackling Goji.png

Ghidorah tackling Godzilla to the ground and I think this relates to a shot later of a building being blasted.

30 - Ghidorah Lightning Storm attack.png

This shot is of Ghidorah’s Super Lightning Attack and you can see Godzilla struggling to stay standing after this ability goes off. Not sure why Ghidorah is able to shoot lightning from everywhere but it still some very shocking imagery don’t you think?

31.1 - Goji fall 1.png
31.2 - Goji fall 2.png
31.3 - Goji fall 3.png

Ok yup that is most definitely Godzilla reentering the atmosphere. I’m guessing Ghidorah got tired of dealing with him and decided to take Godzilla for that ride we saw earlier.

32 - Rodan fighting jets.png

Just another cool shot from the Rodan Vs Jets sequence.

33 - Godzilla in the pale moon light.png

Godzilla roaring at Ghidorah after being knocked down in the pale moon light of the Antarctic.

34 - Angry Moth noises.png

Angry Moth noises intensify! She’s looking a bit worse for wear here with some pretty gnarly burns on her wings.

35.1 - Moth suicide 1.png
35.2 - Moth suicide 2.png

Man they are really not hiding the fact that Mothra is most likely going to die in this film. I mean that’s what usually happens when she shows up in a Godzilla film but still…

36 - Godzilla blasts building by mistake.png

Here is that shot I spoke of earlier of Godzilla accidentally hitting a building with his breath after Ghidorah takes him down to the ground.

Looks Like Godzilla and Ghidorah are going to tussel in the water at some point in the film.

38 - Goji takes a breather.png

Godzilla taking a breather. He definitely looks beat up here and that lines up with Ghidorah having the upper hand most of the time. Maybe this takes place after Godzilla gets air dropped?

39 - Goji blasting Ghidorah back.png

Godzilla using his new powered up atomic breath to push Ghidorah off of him. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this shot but damn is it impressive.

40 - Goji Ghidorah fight.png

Quick shot from the Super X bomber showing Godzilla and Ghidorah fighting in Boston.

41 - Clash.png

And of course we end on the big clash again!

This was by far the best trailer we have gotten and it should do a good job getting that general audience hype going. What did you think of the trailer? Did it increase your hype or were you already at max hype?