'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' TV Spots 'Run' and 'Beautiful v2' - Highest Quality and Breakdowns

You know who it is.png

You know who it is! Last night there were a couple of surprise new TV Spots that aired and they actually gave quite a few more quick looks at the film. This is not an April Fools joke I promise.

This one is titled ‘Run’:

And this one is a shortened ‘Beautiful’ TV Spot with a few new shots:

Man Legendary is doing a bang up job showing the scale of this conflict. Unlike the last breakdown where I went through every minute detail of the TV Spot, this time I will be focusing only on the brand new content.

Let’s start off with ‘Run’:

Run 1 - Goji.png

This is the lead up shot to Godzilla firing off his call to arms beam. I love having a Godzilla with personality again.

Run 2 - Vera releasing Ghidorah.png

This is the first shot that was actually part of the exclusive footage shown at Wondercon. Vera Farmiga’s character sets off a series of bombs in the antarctic to awaken Ghidorah. Now why would she want to go and do that?

Run 3 - Mothra Larva.png

Madison is running towards the Mothra Larva who doesn’t seem as peaceful as in the other trailers. Looks like something may have upset her (notice that the lighting is very different from every other shot of the Larva).

Run 4 - Rodan silhouette shot.png

This is probably one of the best Rodan silhouette shots we have gotten from these trailers and it goes by super fast (hence the image being a bit blurry). We have talked about our love for this design to death but there is no denying how perfect he looks.

Run 5 - Seventeen titans.png

So it seems the official number of known titans is seventeen. This matches pretty closely with the amount of locked Monarch sites on the viral marketing website. Wonder how many we will get glimpses of in the film?

Run 6 - Ghidorah awakens.png

The next two shots are from the exclusive Wondercon footage and this one is of Ghidorah awakening. You really get a good look at how long his necks really are in this shot.

Run 7 - Ghidorah is a god.png

Ok so apparently Ghidorah is gonna get all of the amazing wallpaper worthy scenes in the film. Ghidorah seems to be pulling in the electrical energy from all around him and shooting it out of his wing tips. You can spot Godzilla get blasted away by this attack as well. Last thing to note about this is that is definitely Boston so this is from the climax.

Run 8 - Titans awaken.png

So there are a couple of things to notice here. The first and most obvious is the map with all of the Monarch sites flashing on the left. Are all of the Titans waking up? On the right you can see the amazing scene of Ghidorah roaring on the top of the volcano. Little bit of trailer trickery here shows that Rodan is flying around Ghidorah in this trailer. They may be pulling a Marvel and slightly editing some shots to keep us guessing. The trailer implies that this is where Charles Dance’s character says his “Long Live the King!” line. If you recall I called that he was talking about Ghidorah way back in the Trailer 1 breakdown.

Run 9 - Godzilla  Roars.png

Man I love when they show off giant monsters roaring in environments where there are particulates flying around. Really shows the power of the air coming from mouths.

Run 10 - Flipped clash shot.png

It’s interesting that this shot is flipped from when it showed up back in trailer two. Wonder which one will be in the finished film.

Run 11 - Devil with 3 heads.png

Ladies and gentlemen the Devil with Three Heads. Enough said.

Run 12 - Godzilla grapple.png

First real scene of the physical battle between Godzilla and Ghidorah. This is the kind of stuff I am most interested to see in this film since there is no longer the motion limitation of suits.

Run 13 - Godzilla charge.png

Godzilla seems to really show off his beam in this film after only using it twice in the previous film. Maybe he’s powered up somehow? Or did he not use it in the last film cause he was still a sleepy boy?

Run 14 - Godzilla beam.png

A very good freeze frame of the new beam. Gone is the wispy fire from 2014. Now we have a very traditional Millennium/Heisei beam. I kinda liked the more realistic touch of 2014’s breath but just like in the Toho movies as he fights more powerful adversaries, he needs a more powerful attack to stand a chance.

The ‘Beautiful v2’ TV Spot only had three new things :

Beautiful 1 - Ghidorah in the sky.png

Another version of the destruction of DC. Ghidorah’s silhouette is way more noticeable in the sky.

Beautiful 2 - Ghidorah looks.png

We know each head’s facial expression is performed by a different motion capture artist but this is the first really good look at that. Each head has a very distinct expression. The right head looks like it may be maliciously evil, the left seems to be scheming, and the middle of course is the leader of the three. There’s a scary look of intelligence on the middle heads face that is extremely creepy and off putting.

Beautiful 3 - Godzilla on the march.png

Close up shot of Godzilla marching towards Ghidorah in the climax of the film.

What did you all think of the TV spots? Is there something that I missed in my breakdown?