'Godzilla King of the Monsters' Beautiful TV Spot - Highest Quality and Breakdown

Ghidorah on high.png

Normally we reserve breakdowns for full length trailers but this TV Spot is a special case. Coming in at a full minute long this is almost a miniature trailer 3 and gives so much new footage that it will make your eyes pop out of your head. Check it out!

So much to unpack in this trailer so let’s just get started:

1 Rodan.png

Rodan! This shot was in the previous TV spot but I didn’t post about that one so let me just say how stunning this is here. Rodan is after that Super X jet thing.

2 Ghidorah.png

Ghidorah! This shot is from the second trailer and is of Ghidorah awakening in the Antarctic. I still really love the lightning charge effect as it goes up his necks.

3 Mothra.png

Mothra! Of course this is a reused shot from the very first trailer. The CG is definitely more complete this time around and it looks beautiful. This isn’t the last shot from the first trailer used in this TV spot either. I’m actually really digging how they are only really giving brief before and after add ons to scenes we sw in the other trailers. Really keeps the rest of the movie hidden.

4 Oh My.png

Oh my! It took me way longer than I’d like to admit to realize they were making a “Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!” Wizard of Oz reference and that is why ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is the song in the TV spot. This is Bradley Whitford who is playing a scientist who was described in the set reports as a Rick from ‘Rick and Morty’ type character. not sure how I’ll feel about that by the end but…

5 Mesuthelah.png

Here is that mountain Titan from the second trailer and other TV spot. This is the Titan in Germany as you can see in the bottom left corner. Also there are some rumors that this one is called Methuselah who in biblical history supposedly lived to the age of 969. Very interesting.

6 That's comforting.png

Kyle Chandler definitely seems to be shaping up to be the main character of the film. He gets several really good one liners in this TV Spot.

7 Ghidorah Looking for something.png

An extension of a shot from the earlier trailers. Ghidorah is looking for something after landing in the Fenway Park stadium in Boston.

8 Found her.png

Trailer 1 shot with finished CG again. This time it’s much easier to tell that this is in Fenway Park. Looks like he found who he was looking for.

9 Oh shit.png

This is the “Oh Shit” shot from the previous trailer but now with context. Madison see’s that Ghidorah has found her and is absolutely not okay with that. I think that this is followed by the shot from the first trailer when Madison is running away from the gravity bolts.

10 Scorpion or Spider Titan.png

Same shot from trailer two of the scorpion/spider Titan rising in the desert somewhere. I never noticed the Monarch logo on the truck until now.

11 Ghidorah screams.png

And now for probably my two favorite shots from the TV Spot. Ghidorah cackles from atop the volcano Rodan popped up from. This shot and the next are so beautiful/wallpaper worthy it is ridiculous. I don’t think I ever in my lifetime would find Ghidorah legitimately terrifying but this movie is proving me wrong.

Love the imagery and symbolism here. Where is your Godzilla now?

13 Rodan flies over the city.png

Trailer one shot again but now we get to see this from the ground level.

14 Boots on the Ground.png

As we say all the time on the cast this is wonderful boots on the ground sequence with the G-Team trying to save some kids from being blown away from Rodan’s passing. Very scary imagery.

15 Horrified by the destruction.png

Horrified by the destructive power of Rodan.

Our first really good look at Rodan’s face as the military tries to shoot him in it. I’m a huge fan of how they designed his jawline to make it always look like he has an evil grin going on. The ancient civilizations seeing this would have definitely added some demonic lore to his legend just on this fact alone.

17 Mothra's Last Stand.png

Well folks Idon’t think Mothra is getting out of this film alive. Not really surprising since she usually dies in any movie she is in but this pretty much confirms it. We get a really good look at her colors in this shot and she is definitely beautiful.

17 Godzilla I don't feel so good.png

“Mr. Godzilla, I don’t feel so good…”

Shot of Ghidorah awakening for the first time in the Antarctic. You can see the bits of ice on his tail still and of course the snowstorm kind of givens it away too.

19 This time we join him.png

“This time we join him!” Very cool line and it lines up with the very heroic Godzilla the MonsterVerse is going for. I wonder how they are going to explain why Kong and Goji are going to fight since they are pretty much both the good guys in this universe.

20 Mothra Larva.png

Mothra Larva shot from trailer one. Madison really seems like she is going to have a connection to a lot of the Titans.

21 Midair collision.png

Mid-air collision of Ghidorah and Rodan incoming. I’m pretty sure this takes place right after the flashing Ghidorah shot and the Rodan jet chase.

22 Rodan you fool.png

While I don’t think Rodan is going to die here I do believe that Ghidorah is going to win this fight very easily.

23 Actually Rodan has upper hand.png

Actually the next shot shows Rodan having the upper hand. Maybe it won’t be so easy after all.

25 Godzilla says hello.png

Godzilla says hello to the tiny humans on the sub. I love the rain pouring off of Godzilla in this shot.

“Excuse me can you point me in the direction of the three-headed dragon?”

27 Godzilla descending.png

Godzilla descends back into the water and we get an amazing look at his new dorsal plates. I liked the 2014 spikes but these just scream Godzilla to me.

28 Rounded tail.png

Quick look at the rounded tail slapping back into the water as he swims away. This is one of the design changes I am not really a fan of. Godzilla had a rounded tail throughout most of the films but honestly I like the aesthetic of the pointed tail a lot more.

29 Beautiful.png

Serizawa gets up close and personal with a presumably injured Godzilla. This is an extention of the Godzilla lair shots from the other trailers.

30 Practical.png

Is that a practical Godzilla snout? if not that’s some really impressive CG.

32 Let me tell you about my best friend.png

Let me tell you about my best friend! The military charges with Godzilla towards the final confrontation with Ghidorah in Boston.

33 destroyed stadium.png

Madison seems to be standing in the destroyed Fenway Park watching Godzilla approach. Did she call him here somehow and accidentally get Ghidorah first? Hmmmm…

34 Que Godzilla theme.png

This looks like it would be the perfect place for the new Godzilla theme to play.

35 Goji vs Ghidy.png

Surprisingly this is the first shot we have of Godzilla and Ghidorah actually fighting one another. This is Boston again and I love that Mike is continuing Gareth’s trend of showing the monster fights from the human perspective. I’m sure we will still get the big sweeping battle shots but these really ground the film and make the Titans seem huge.

36 Damn right.png

During these last few shots we get the coolest line in the trailer, “This is Godzilla’s world. We just live in it.” That pretty much sums up the theme of this movie that Mike seems to be going for. Humans are no longer the dominant species of planet earth.

37 Charge.png

Also glad to see the charging effect is back again from 2014. Also something to note is that this shot does not link up with the next as the TV spot would like you to think. This shot is definitely from the Antarctic battle hinted at in the last trailer. Note the snow.

38 Call to Arms.png

And of course we end on the call to arms shot from trailer one.

And that’s about it folks! We are still expecting one more full trailer to drop before the movie releases so keep an eye out for at least one more breakdown to be on the way. What did you guys think of the new TV spot?