'The Meg' Trailer 1 - There's a Monster Outside...


The giant monster movie renaissance continues and this time we've got a giant shark prehistoric shark to worry about. The new film 'The Meg' is based off the hit book MEG by Steve Alten and features Jason Statham in the lead role as Jonas Taylor. Check out our first glimpse of the movie!

Wow I am actually kind of surprised by how far off from the book the movie seems to be. The book takes itself very seriously and so far the movie looks like it's going to play up the joke of a giant shark attacking the world. Little of the books plot seems to have carried over to the film but this is just the first trailer so who knows what secrets the final product will hold. I'm very surprised by how SyFy channel the film looks but maybe it'll end up being a B-movie in the best kind of way.

Also check out the poster below:


What did you guys think of the trailer? Are you guys excited to see a Megalodon causing terror on the big screen?