'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Imax Trailer - "I Think We Pissed Him Off"

Pc Rim imax.jpg

Even though the last trailer was listed as "final" it appears the marketing department doesn't know the meaning of the word. This new trailer is super action packed and maybe gives a little too much away. Check it out!

Potential Spoilers

Still here? Good! 

Well it looks like this trailer gave away the death of one of the Jaegers. I mean I think we were all kidding ourselves if we thought they would all survive but I feel like I really didn't want to know which one was going to be ripped to shreds.

This trailer is actually probably the first one to sell me on the movie. Maybe it's because the effects finally look close to being finished but this trailer sure made the movie look like a lot of fun!

What did you think of the IMAX trailer?