Tokyo Lives Fan Month Movie Announcement!

Happy New Year! It brings me great pleasure to officially announce the winning films for Tokyo Lives' first ever Fan Month! We are super excited to talk about both of these films and can't wait to get 2018 off to a great start.

First up we've got the Cowboy Vs Dinosaur extravaganza known as 'Valley of Gwangi.' This will be the first entry of our new On The Fringe episode type where we go into films that are giant monster adjacent.

This movie pulled ahead in the polls really early and nothing could stop it's rampage.

Later in the month we are finally going to cover the Norwegian found footage film 'Troll Hunter.' Not to be confused with the Netflix animated show by Del Toro, this film features a extremely unique take on troll lore and we definitely get a good Godzilla sized Troll at the end.

This was a close match up with our Patrons and it only squeezed by it's draconic competition. We even had to get a revote!

Keep in mind that all of the other films that were up to be voted on will be covered at some point in future episodes of the cast. 

Hope you enjoy these Fan Month episodes and look forward to us doing another Fan Month contest in the not so distant future!