Power Rangers - Boom! Studios Shows Us More Of Their Power Regime

We’ve never talked about the Power Rangers series from Boom! Studios, and Ranger Month seems like a good time to start, since it's actually really good.

The first issue picked up shortly after Tommy joined the original team after being freed from Rita Repulsa’s mind control. It explores Tommy adjusting to his new role as a hero, as well as a free man, while being haunted by the remains of Rita’s brainwashing. But none of that is news. What’s news is the designs recently released by Boom! showing off the designs for the additional “Sentries”.

 I’ll be vague to avoid spoilers, but Tommy and Billy have been transported to an alternate future where Rita, aided by the mysterious Lord Drakkon, has succeeded in conquering the world and established your typical evil Dictatorship, complete with statues of herself all over the dang place.

Oh, and Lord Drakkon looks like this:

Can you guess his theme?

Anywho, in issue #11, we were introduced to these guys.

There are a few of them, all dressed in the same Black Ranger armor, carrying guns reminiscent of Zach’s Axe. They are the Sentries, a kind of militarized police force that seem to patrol the streets and enforce the curfew that all dictators put in place after taking power.  

They’re super cool, and apparently there are more of them.

It looks like Rita got really into Destiny, but man, how cool! I’m really into the idea of there being a “corps” of each color.

Speaking of colors, Writer Kyle Higgins addressed why there were no blue sentry designs released

“All I’ll say is, there’s a reason there AREN’T Triceratops Sentries in our story at this point…"  

New issues are released monthly, with the debut of the new Sentries out now.

Love it? Hate it? Miss Billy? Me too, let’s talk about it in the comments.