'Godzilla 2' News Bits - Resurgence of the Word "The"

Fellow Kaijuologists, It's time for a new report from your favorite android. I've been sent back in time to stop a global disaster and bring you some exciting Kaiju news. So strap yourselves into your seats because it's gonna be a whopper update!

First, a quick correction. We had originally reported that the next Legendary Godzilla film was going to be titled 'Godzilla: King of Monsters'. As it turns out, this was from an alternate time line. The actual title is going to be 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters'. This was confirmed on Mike Dougherty's Twitter.

But who is Godzilla going to be "King" of?!

No! It's Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah! Legendary confirmed on Twitter back in 2014 that all three of these Toho mainstays will be in the future of this Monsterverse. Mothra was directly hinted to be in 'King of the Monsters' via Doughtry's twitter last week.

While only Mothra has been confirmed for 'King of the Monsters', it's exciting to hear that King Ghidorah will be back on the silver screen. Though, I have to admit, it's going to be strange to see Legendary's attempt to make a more realistic King Ghidorah.

Speaking of strange, we have some strange casting to report! Millie Bobby Brown, the actress who played Eleven on the popular Netflix Original, 'Stranger Things', has joined the cast of King of the Monsters!

It's been a real monster of a news week for Kaiju and we here at Tokyo Lives are thrilled! At least that's what my programming tells me. But what about you? Does the throwback title enthrawl you? Are you looking forward to big names coming to Legendary? Who do you think Millie will be playing? Fill us in on what you think in the comments section below!