'Kong: Skull Island' - New Posters Released

Like Kong poking his head over the Skull Island native's wall, three more posters have popped up out of nowhere! It's up to me! Your favorite soul of a dead woman who was reincarnated into a rose by her scientist father. So let's wrap our tendrils around these glimpses into the King of the ape's future.

First we have one that I have lovingly called aKONGalypse Now.

I have to level with you guys, I'm really into this poster. I'm curious if the Vietnam war theme will extend into the plot and not just be a marketing gimmick get us on board for the time line of this film. But this isn't the only reference this campaign is targeting.

It's pretty cool to see Legendary already starting push that Godzilla and Kong are in the same universe. This poster is a not so subtle way of showing it by having the two titans standing in similar poses in front of a rising sun. I like that it's building up the conflict by having both creatures facing different directions.

As neat as the other two are, I have to say that my favorite is definitely Japan's poster.

Holy crow! Look at this! I've heard some people say it's visually cluttered but I'm in love with whats happening here. Not only do we have glimpses of the many iconic Kong villains, but the poster itself is leaking out of it's own borders. It's basically saying “This movie is too big to be contained”. Admittedly I am a huge sucker for drawn movie posters.

So what do you think? Is this poster campaign getting you excited for the second movie in the Monsterverse? Let us know in the comments below!