'Rampage' - First Trailer Released!

Rampage 2.jpg

It's still really hard to believe that a movie based on the giant monster video game  from the late 80s is actually happening sometimes but with the release of the first trailer we can no longer ignore it's existence. Check it out!

Is it weird that it looks surprisingly good? Looks like we may have another fun Giant Monster film in 2018 to satiate our thirst for destruction! I really wasn't sure of the tone they were going to take with this property since there really isn't much of a story in the old games but I like that the giant monster side of the story seems to be a somewhat serious affair. Also I love the charisma the Dwayne Johnson always brings to his roles so that's another check in the "will Kyle enjoy this movie" box.

What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments!