Power Rangers Trailer - It's Morphin time!

Well we've been complaining about the lack of marketing for the new Power Rangers film for awhile now  but that looks to be changing very quickly. Take a look at the full trailer that shows us everything we wanted to see in the teaser. 

So I have been a bit letdown by everything the movie has released thus far but oh man, that trailer was fantastic! It really makes me wish they had held off on the toys and waited until we this trailer had come out. Are the designs still funky? Yes, but seeing everything in motion makes it all look way better. 

I love the new putties but I do think Goldar still looks weird and I am annoyed that he looks to be a generic villain when he was originally one of the more iconic things from the original show. Rita is shown in both he morphed and unmorphed forms so it looks like she definitely is tapping into the Green Ranger coin's power a little bit. Looks like all of those leaks an Rumors are true.

I think the biggest thing this trailer adds is that little bit of fun. This feels like Power Rangers now. Maybe a bit more grounded in reality but it just oozes that style that I felt was missing before.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to go see it?