Shin-Chan Vs Shin-Gojira Crossover Is Releasing On July 22nd

Apparently Toho is going all out with anime crossovers for their new Godzilla film. Our buddies over at Gormaru Island have translated a Japanese news report that breaks down a very interesting (weird if you ask me) crossover. The popular anime 'Crayon Shin-Chan' will be having a special crossover episode on July 22 featuring a certain familar icon that we all love and hold dear.

The plot of this crossover seems pretty much what you would expect from anything Godzilla related:

The mysterious giant monster Godzilla has invaded Kasukabe, Saitama. The story of the cross-over episode involves Godzilla wrecking Shinnosuke's home town of Kasukabe, and since all of the residents are still paying off 30 year mortgages on their homes, they arrange an impromptu Self Defense Force to counter the interloping monster.

The biggest and coolest bit of news within this utterly ridiculous crossover is that Shin-Godzilla's official roar will be used in the anime. The fact that they specify this means that the roar we have heard in the trailer has not been the official roar and was definitely just a placeholder. This is super exciting and definitely allows us to continue to speculate about his possible roar (I'm hoping for a return of the Bio-Goji roar myself).

Apparently, the creators of the episode will be attempting to recreate Shin-Goji's movements from the upcoming film to make this a faithful adaptation. The actual design shines in an anime format surprisingly and I have less problems with it then I ever have. I still think it looks super goofy from certain angles but hopefully when he is constantly moving my issues will fade to the back of my mind. We also get a glance at Godzilla's nuclear breath and it definitely looks like they are going more wispy with it, ala 'Gojira' (1954). Weird that it is most definitely blue though.

This will probably be our best glimpse from what to expect out of the new Godzilla in 'Godzilla Resurgence' before it opens in Japan on July 29.