Teaser Poster For 'Power Rangers' Unveiled On Twitter

While we wait for a teaser trailer for the new 'Power Rangers,' I can't help but be interested in the direction they are going to take this reboot. It's easy to write it off as a quick cash grab on a well known franchise, and so far they haven't given us much to fight that conclusion. Most of the design we've seen so far has not driven the fan base into a frenzy, and as far as I can tell, general audiences don't know this exists yet. So, I'm glad to report that the official twitter for the film pulled through and gave us our first look at the kind of tone they're going for, and it comes in the form of a teaser poster. Check that out and our thoughts on it below.

There are two ways you could look at this poster. Either you see it as an almost Michael Bay-esque generic blue and orange poster that doesn't tell us anything new, OR, you could try to imagine this next to promotional materials of the original 95' movie. That film played up the jokes and the action; making a kid friendly big screen adaptation of the show to an almost fault.

From this poster alone, it seems like they're taking a little more of a pre-destined approach with the kids. Juxtapositioning them against a dominant night sky implies that they really are part of a crazy intergalactic struggle that they have to step up to take on together. Who knows if the marketing team was really going for any of that, but the idea of a really serious Rangers movie does at least get me into the theater. Whether they can convince me to be there opening weekend or not is another story.

'Power Rangers' releases in theaters March 24, 2017.