Bryan Cranston Cast As Zordon In 'Power Rangers'

Well, if this isn't the day for 'Power Rangers' news! Bryan Cranston, one of the best actors of our time, has just been cast as Zordon (giant floating head in a tube that gives the Rangers their powers) in the brand new film coming out next year. Surprisingly, this is not the first time Mr. Cranston has been in involved in the Power Rangers franchise.

Way back in 1993, Bryan Cranston actually provided the English voice work for two of the monsters the Rangers battled. The creatures "Snizzard" and "Twinman" were some of the first creatures that Rita Repulsa sent after the Rangers, and as you can hear in the clips below, it is very clearly Cranston's voice.

Bryan Cranston's last name was actually used by Saban for the name of the original Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston. Apparently he was a pretty popular guy while doing the voice work for Saban and they decided to drop a little nod to him with the last name of the character.

Having an actor of this caliber attached to the film version of Power Rangers can really only be considered a good thing (even though he will probably be constrained to a CGI effect). I am incredibly excited to see how the film pulls off this iteration of Zordon, and can't wait to see Cranston's motion capture work in action.

The banner for this post could give us some clue into what Zordon might look like in the new film. While he's usually portrayed as a giant head in a glass tube, this early concept art for the film shows him as a full bodied figure- in a glass tube. Check it out below.

'Power Rangers' releases on March 24, 2017.