Kong And Godzilla Barbecue On Monster Island In This Raunchy Stop-Motion Short

We've waited so long for King Kong and Godzilla to share the screen again, but didn't expect it to be like this. Filmmaker and self described monster fan Harry Chaskin has joined up with Justin Michael and Dan Lippert to create this new stop-motion animated short: 'Monster Island.' Described as "upbeat and rude" by its creators, this stunted Daikaiju film brings together the two biggest names in giant monsters and puts them on beach to shoot the shit while they barbecue and curse like sailors. Check out the obscene and hilarious video below.

So, outside of the 'Clerks' meets 'King Kong v.s. Godzilla' elevator pitch, this short film actually has a lot of nods to giant monster fans. From Kong bursting out of a theater (and showing up for most of the film paralyzed because of his tumble off the Empire State building) to the fact that Monster Island is depicted in full Toho fashion, I thought the filmmakers went to a lot of trouble to make this something for the fan base, and did a lot more than just tell a few clever jokes (which are definitely there as well).

I'd love to see more filmmakers tackle giant monsters in the short format, as it's more accessible to a low budget scenario, but there are tons of angles to be explored that could lead to feature film representation down the road. It's funny little comedic videos like this that lead to more public interest and an explosion of the genre into more mainstream appeal, which is what we should all want. If you haven't seen it, Chaskin previously made a great short about an aging movie monster in his twilight years, and it's definitely worth checking out as well. Here you go: