Sony and Toho Announce 'Godzilla Resurgence' Video Game Demo for Playstation VR

With this year's Sony E3 conference over and done with, my list entitled "reasons to avoid getting the PSVR headset" is shrinking drastically. Now Sony and Toho have activated their "Wonder Twin" powers to bring us our first Kaiju meets VR experience.

Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia and Toho announced the mouthful of a tentative title 'Shin Godzilla Special Demo Content for Playstation VR.' I scoured both our source and our source's source, but the only gameplay detail I can find is that you will "confront a 118.5 meter tall CG Godzilla." Does that mean you will be fighting Godzilla? With so little to go on right now all we can do is speculate. Though it has been reported that the game will use the exact 3D model from 'Godzilla Resurgence,' which is being supplied by Toho directly.

'Shin Godzilla Special Demo Content for Playstation VR' will be available October 13th, which makes it a launch demo for the PSVR. If you are getting a PSVR day one, make sure you pick up this demo on the Playstation Store as it is currently the only Godzilla content heading to any video game platform in the near future.