Warner Bros. Wins Bidding War Over 'Monsterpocalypse' Movie Rights

Looks like the Monsterpocalypse won't be canceled after all my friends. As we reported last Friday, a bidding war had spun up over the film rights to the Monsterpocalypse board game from Privateer Press. Some massive Hollywood players that included the likes of Dreamworks, Sony, Warner Bros., and a mysterious fourth movie studio duked it out all weekend trying to secure the property and we now have a winner!

The Hollywood Reporter's sources are saying that Warner Bros. has won the bidding war and now owns the right to make 'Monsterpocalypse' with Fede Alvarez attached to co-write and direct. Of course, the super interesting bit in all of this is that Warner Bros. is also the studio in charge of the Godzilla-verse (along with Legendary pictures) and the Pacific Rim movies. This figuratively makes Warner Bros. the king of the giant monster movies! Obviously, we could speculate whether or not Warner Bros. is thinking about adding this franchise into either of their two existing giant monster universes, but I honestly would be perfectly happy with this staying its own thing.

The larger question to me is whether this marks a new interest in the genre overall or is just another exception to the rule. With multiple upcoming projects, not just on Warner Brother's slate, are we about to see a major rejuvenation of the atomic age of monster movies? That would be very exciting for fans everywhere, and as we've seen with the superhero genre, it just takes one great movie to start a major trend in Hollywood and audiences wallets alike.

Are you excited for Warner Bros. to take the reigns of an American giant monster empire? What do you hope they bring in from the game to the silver screen? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!