Coming Next Week - Episode 8: Road To Godzilla Resurgence

This is an episode of the podcast that you absolutely don't want to miss! We had a whole line-up of topics ready to go for the next few episodes, but we couldn't help ourselves in inserting an entire episode dedicated to Toho Picture's upcoming 'Godzilla Resurgence.' We go through the history of Godzilla films focusing on past breaks and reboots of the iconic giant monster, before diving into the new directors Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno and their influential impact on Japanese entertainment.

This episode marks a turning point with the podcast where hosts Coleman and Kyle hope to give insight and behind the scenes details into the company and filmmakers who created the upcoming new Godzilla film. Besides covering that in the main topic, they also go into recent news concerning Gareth Edwards leaving 'Godzilla 2,' the new Power Rangers reboot costume reveal, and IDW's new Godzilla comic written by Jeremy Robinson.

You will not be disappointed if you, like us, are incredibly excited to see what Toho does with their incredibly divergent new inclusion to the Godzilla franchise. Keep a look out for the episode to drop early next week.