Heisei Gamera Series Gets The Definitive 4K Blu-ray Set In Japan

Japan always gets the nicest kaiju things. There is a new blu-ray box set for the Heisei Gamera series comes out on July 22nd in Japan and it looks to be a pretty awesome collection. The movies in the box-set have been fully remastered in 4K resolution and have a ton of never before released special features for the films.

The set includes a total of four films, three of them being the Gamera trilogy from the 90's ('Guardian of the Universe,' 'Assault of Legion,' and 'Revenge of Iris') and the last film being 'Gamera The Brave' (2006). 

The collection also includes two separate discs full of special features including the thirty-second teaser for the proposed Gamera revival and a documentary that was aired on TV during the release window of 'Assault of Legion.' The discs also contain features that were limited to the previously released VHS and Laserdisc versions of the films until now. Rounding out the set are a couple of exclusive booklets; one of them having nearly 750 unpublished photos from the making of the Gamera Trilogy. The set will cost you a pretty penny though since it is priced at  ¥38000 ($349.00). 

'Gamera The Brave' being included is actually a bit strange since it has absolutely no connection to the previous three films, but I suppose it technically is part of the Heisei era.  The Shûsuke Kaneko Gamera trilogy from the 90's are still some of the best giant monster films in existence and I would be extremely excited to see these movies again in the super detailed 4K resolution. 'Gamera The Brave' however is kind of the black sheep of the more recent Gamera films, opting to go back to the silly kid rescuing creature of the 60's instead of sticking with the violent tone of the 90's films. 'Gamera The Brave' was not very well received in Japan (or by fans everywhere for that matter) and unfortunately caused the studio to put the creature back into hibernation. This does mark the first domestic blu-ray release of 'Gamera The Brave' film in Japan though.

Now for the million dollar question: do I think we will see the 4K restoration box-set in some form pop up in America? I wish we would, but unfortunately I really wouldn't count on it. There have been restorations of the Godzilla films in Japan that have never made the trip out of the country and I think this will end up being a similar situation. Gamera doesn't have much appeal stateside anymore unfortunately, and nostalgia alone does not warrant such a high price tag for most fans. Maybe we will get lucky and get just the 4K blu-rays released separately at a way later date.

Will you import this box-set from Japan? What are your thoughts on the Gamera trilogy and/or 'Gamera: the Brave'?