The Official Winner Of The Episode 04 VERSUS Match Is...


That's right, Kyle's argument won over the listener base and we can finally declare a winner after Coleman issued a challenge at the beginning of this week's episode.

Below are some excerpts from the comments section of Episode 04 that fought for suitmation: much as I love Stop-Motion/Go-Motion, the animation always looks out of place when sharing the screen with actors and other live footage, and damages the immersion somewhat.

Suitmation does not have this issue, and when composed well with other footage, blends in to make a better visual experience, for example, the shot of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man walking through New York in Ghostbusters vs the Terror Dog chasing Louis Tully in the same movie, the former has aged much better than the latter in my opinion.
— LemoLuke
You can have to clay covered skeletons jerk towards each and throw a few shaky punches, or you can have a shiny 40m almond-eyed, specium-firing judoka put a 50m lizard into an arm bar until it cries. And as charming and beautiful stop motion can be, the latter is infinitely more awesome.
I vote for Tokusatsu.
I vote for Suit Actors.
— Cameron Heikkila
While I’d still agree stop-motion holds to trophy for allowing more varied creature design I think suitmation’s trophy for varied practical use wins out. Whether it’s Godzilla, Xenomorphs or Ewoks suitmation does it with relative ease and I’ll give it my vote for that reason.
— fluff

There were some great arguments for stop-motion on there as well, but in the end suitmation took it. I'd personally like to thank everyone who contributed and say that we're really looking forward to the next VERSUS episode and hearing more from all of you.