Coming Next Week - Episode 07: Jeremy Robinson's 'Project Nemesis'

We've been very busy as of late here at Tokyo Lives, but not busy enough to put down author Jeremy Robinson's excellent Kaiju thriller 'Project Nemesis.' This is the first book in a series that goes way back with my co-host Kyle, and we decided that it was more than worthy to be the main topic of our next episode coming sometime next week.

If you're a fan, definitely tune-in for our in-depth breakdown of what makes Robinson's universe stand apart from the many movies and comics that have come before it. If you've never heard of the series before, settle in as we tell you why you need to pick it up as soon as possible and how it has come to be known as essential reading for any fan of giant monsters or well written sci-fi action in general.

We hope you'll join us as we discuss the book as we think it'll be a really different and exciting episode. If you've been enjoying the podcast overall and the direction we're taking it, jump on over to our page on iTunes and leave us a review. This is a huge help to the show and it lets us reach out to a larger audience so we can keep making more episodes.