'Jurassic World 2' Moving Forward With 'The Orphanage' Director Juan Antonio Bayona

While Colin Treverrow, who directed the widely successful 'Jurassic World,' is not finished with the rebooted franchise, he has signed on to direct another massive sequel called 'Star Wars Episode IX.' This left the door open for another filmmaker to step in and take over, as Universal wasn't about to hold off on moving forward with the sequel to one of the highest grossing tentpoles of all time.

Producer Frank Marshall and Colin Treverrow took to twitter to announce that the Spanish director of such films as 'The Orphanage,' and 'The Impossible' Juan Antonio Bayona is set to helm the next iteration of the genetically engineered dinosaur romp fest. His latest film 'A Monster Calls' is arriving later this year and although he was attached to direct the 'World War Z' sequel, he dropped out of that project making him available for JW2.

Colin Treverrow is still onboard as a producer and will be writing the script alongside longtime collaborator Derek Connolly. The sequel is rumored to focus on multiple companies developing their own dinosaur hybrids and the assumption that they will be loosed upon society to teach us the error of our God-playing ways.

'Jurassic World 2' arrives in theaters July 22, 2018.