New 'Godzilla: Resurgence' Figure Reveal Uncovers Full Design And Hints At Multiple Forms

We are in full 'Godzilla: Resurgence' mode right now, and why not? We just got our first look at the film in the form of a trailer, the promotion for the film is in full swing, and there are tentative hints at an American release.

If you're not excited to see this film, then in the next couple months, the entire island nation of Japan is going to do their damnedest to get you onboard. Obviously for giant monster fans, one of the best ways to do that is to bring out the merchandise, and 'Godzilla: Resurgence' is no different.

Banpresto will release a 35cm vinyl figure of Shin-Goji in July for just under $10 USD. While this is exciting for a lot of collectors wanting to get the earliest merch from a new Godzilla film, we here at Tokyo Lives are more interested in getting our first full look at the Shin Gojira design. Check it out below.

The biggest reveal is the feet, which is already a heated topic online with fans, showing off a new, almost theropod look. We also get a better idea of his proportions and I think it really helps the design seeing it in full view like this.

If that wasn't enough, the magazine that revealed this figure also mentions a series coming out in tandem with the new film. It supposedly includes three figures: Movie Monster Series Godzilla 2016, "Godzilla 2016 Kaiju A," and "Godzilla 2016 Kaiju B." What those include is a mystery, but here's the magazine page scan:

Is it possible that there are multiple monsters that will be introduced in the new film to fight Godzilla? Maybe, but I think the much more likely scenario is that this proves that the rumors going around since the first leaks of the new Shin-Goji design are true; multiple forms of Godzilla will appear in the film as he slowly regenerates to his new rebooted design. Obviously, that's speculation on my part, but I think it makes sense with what Toho has said about the film and the direction they're taking the series.

New monstrous enemies, or a mutating, regenerating Godzilla tearing up Tokyo? Tell us in the comment section what you think.