New 'Skull Island: Reign of Kong' Theme Park Ride Details and Videos Emerge

Universal Studios has revealed some new information about their upcoming Orlando Islands of Adventure attraction 'Skull Island: Reign of Kong.' The ride will open sometime later this year and has come together surprisingly quick since it's announcement. The first bit of information concerns their revolutionary ride vehicles and comes in the form of a video posted on the Official Universal Orlando Blog. Watch it below along with an amateur video showing the ride's depiction of the infamous island gates that keep Kong at bay and another official video detailing the ride's creatures pulled straight out of Peter Jackson's 2005 remake.

It seems a little strange to me that we're getting ready for an all new reboot of the Kong franchise and the Universal parks are pulling us sixteen years into the past with a ride based around the previous incarnation. No matter how you feel about Peter Jackson's version, it has all but left the collective pop culture consciousness and while this ride may be a blast, it's definitely not the most relevant attraction.

Take my opinion with a grain of salt though. I deeply miss the 76' based King Kong ride at Universal.