First Look At 'Kong: Skull Island' Native Inhabitant's Village Set

Filming for "Kong: Skull Island" has moved to the very popular tourist area of Trang An, Ninh Binh. The location is a highly traveled boat route which is now closed due to the Kong crew. But before the shutdown someone was able to get some video of the set.

What you're seeing is the village of the inhabitants of Skull Island. This is pretty different from what we've seen in Kong's past. It's a more traditional fishing village setting with about 20-30 teepee style huts, dugout canoes, baskets, mud brick kitchens and a really cool Mad Max looking boat (barely visible in the far right corner of the village). 300 local extras have been hired to fill the village and were chosen for their convincing looks of fear. Why? Because they're all gonna die!!! Well, maybe not all but the village is attacked by monsters and most of the people will have to run for their lives. Filming in this location will be for approximately 2 weeks.

Looks like they're definitely going in a new direction. Hopefully we'll see more from the production in the coming month as they film. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.