J.J. Abrams Confirms No Giant Monster In Giant Monster Movie Sequel

Just yesterday, Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams teased that a third film with ties to the original found footage monster movie might be following next month’s forthcoming 10 Cloverfield Lane.

However, today he attempts to keep expectations for the sci-fi flick in check by telling us that despite the connections that are being made between this new movie and the 2008 film, “It’s not Cloverfield 2.” Find out what else J.J. Abrams had to say about the little Cloverfield universe they’re building below.

“The story of this movie – and it came to us originally as a spec that was very different in a lot of ways and an unrelated thing altogether – is definitely about different kinds of monsters. And while the Cloverfield monster isn’t in this movie, there’s a new monster and there’s something else that happens… but I don’t want to ruin the ending.” - J.J. Abrams in an interview with Fandango.

Do you think this is another situation where J.J. Abrams is trying to hide the truth? If not, are you still excited to see '10 Cloverfield Lane?' Let us know in the comments below.