Episode 65 - G Fest XXVI


It’s Godzilla’s 65th anniversary so we packed our bags and flew of north to the mysterious land of Chicago! Much to our surprise there happened to be a convention going on for Godzilla at the same time! What luck,am I right? So listen to us gab about how wonderful the G community is as we all so excited that we forget to mention that we are doing out 65th episode DURING Godzilla’s 65 anniversary!


Comic Con Rumor mill! (2:16)
TOHO and Legendary and Godzilla, Oh My! What could thee rumors mean for the future of the Monsterverse?

Pacific Rim Come to the Smaller Screen! (8:56)

“It’s like one of my japanese animes!” - Otacon. Guys we are getting an anime adaptation of Pacific Rim and I am SO EXCITED.

Ultraman release from Millcreek (11:55)
Our prayers have been answered! The Giant of Light is coming to our front door (and this time I don’t have to buy a bootleg from the back of a van!)

iTunes Review! (14:28)
You type it and we talk it! Thanks for the heartfelt message!

G Fest Discussion! (17:65)
This is it! Come join us as we talk about the G fans we met, the artists we admire, the stars who stole our hearts, and the toys that emptied our wallets!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

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