Episode 59 - Gappa the Triphibian Monster


A land survey has gone awry leaving Rob and Cameron caught between a wealthy magazine owner and a extra large family feud! Fortunately, they've got a little legal help to get them through this mess! Find out how they survive this time on Tokyo Lives!


We Built this Standee on Rock and Roll! (5:32)
As we get closer to King of the Monsters, theaters around the globe roll out the red carpet for the big G! We look over some of the amazing Standees that are being used.

I Wonder what happened at Wondercon? (12:14)
Wondercon filled us in with some ~ S P O I L E R S ~ for the upcoming Godzilla comic and rumors of a new KotM Trailer!!

I’ve Spotted something on my TV! (18:52)
Two new amazing TV Spots leading up to KotM! Will Best boy Rodan show up? Just how big is a battle ship anyway?

Money is where the Heart is (25:49)
Peace at last! We get word that the only thing that will stop the Monsterverse train from a-rollin’ on, is how much money these next two films make!

Jurassic World! …on Netflix? (27:14)
Is it an Anime? A Reality TV show? Some kind of choose your own adventure!? Who knows? We don’t that’s for sure.

Gappa the Triphibian Monster Discussion! (30:25)
From beyond written records (or basic racial sensitivity), GAPPA, THE TRIPHIBIAN MONSTER(s) arise! See what we think about this… thing that is technically a film!


Our music comes from the extremely talented Eclectic Method. We thank him for the permission to use the song "Monsters" throughout the show.

If you want to hear more legal discussions you can check out the Legal Geeks! Thanks again to Josh for joining us and sharing this wild film!

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